A French national, I've always been passionate about food, and have cooked for as long as I can remember. Both my mother and grand-mother were (and still are) great cooks, and instilled that taste to me at a very young age. 
Ever since moving away from my home country in 2004, I have made it my mission to satisfy my craving for traditional French dishes, as well as just good-old tasty food :) 

The idea of blogging about food came after many people in my social circles asked a lot of questions about food and recipes that I thought would be better answered with step-by-step photo-tutorials.

Even though my photography is not anywhere near being satisfactory (I work full-time and mostly cook in the evenings and weekends, so natural daylight is unfortunately often not an option), I am currently working on setting up a mini-lighting studio in my even "mini-er" urban kitchen. Please be forgiving :)

Don't hesitate to message me and ask me questions; I'm looking forward to meeting new foodie-friends and improving my blog with your help!

Happy reading, and share the love!

Steph xxx

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